Logo Clash of Lords 2: Guild CastleAre you good in fighting games? Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone? Clash of lords is here with innovative twists. Heroes are fighting in a free for all frenzy against a force of fighting friends. Control the action and become the greatest warlord in all the lands to survive you’ll need will and we couldn’t think of a word for strength but you get the picture. It’s time to Clash.

Clash of lords 2 offers a variety of options for players with different styles. If you play for short period in a day then you can automate much of the daily rewards to a high degree to save time and maximize awesomeness! You can build and play the team you want; emphasizing various types of ranged and flying heroes as in most things some balance will go a long ways towards your dreams of domination. Normal heroes have green boarders. Good Heroes have blue boarders. Rare heroes have purple border. Different heroes will be stronger in different situations. It is up to you how to deal with heroes and to build the amazing team. Once you start clashing then you will never stop yourself from playing this game.


It is a popular mobile strategy with fun and innovative twists on the genre. It is a set in a fantasy world where players build defenses and train a whole host of vast Heroes, and face off against each other and challenges for Supremacy. It was released in 201 and uses the fermium business model.
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle for PC


There are a lot of features but with the passage of time and the developer of game has introduced some new interesting features and the version have also been upgraded and the new version is 2.0.108

  • You control the action! Activate heroes skills in real time.
  • Pair heroes and troops with our unique mercenary system.
  • Play it your way! With our 10PvE and PvP modes there’s always something fun and different to do.
  • Fight alongside your friends! Join a Guild and clash with players from all over the world!you can even battle against players from different countries.

What’s new?

Whenever a new version is introduced in the market it brings exciting new features which are always different from previous one and they are according to the new technologies. Same in the case of this game, new features have been introduced. Following are the features;

  1. New Event: Jewels jam
    • Buy the target number of jewels each day to win fantastic rewards
    • Buy the target number of jewels for consecutive days to upgrade the reward tier
    • If you don’t reach the target on any day the reward tier will reset
  2. New hero costume: toxic shaman –death metal
  3. New glyph set: arcane academic
  4. Reinforce unlocked for mortar

Optimization and balance

  1. Optimized heroes’ feats UI
  2. Improved the rewards for lords league, guild quest, and Trevi fountain.
  3. Guild Boss HP decreased, but chance to block attacks increase.
  4. Fixed a bug released to HP regeneration when a hero has bold Sticker Imbuded.
  5. Video Speed-Up Event: Watch advertisements to speed up the Trevi Fountain cooldown.

How to get Games on PC and MAC

As clash of lords 2 is available for android devices, there is no straightway method to play on PC. But don’t worry it surely does not mean that we cannot play game on PC. We can play on PC or MAC by downloading vast emulators.
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle for PC Windows

What is an Emulator?

Emulator is a software or sort of software which can typically be used to make your PC and MAC behave like other systems. Depending upon the type of emulators, it can change your PC and MAC’s environment into an android one. For running your game smoothly on your pc you have to find the essential emulator for it. Once you find and download emulator on your pc you can easily play games on it. Following are the emulators which are used:

  • Bluestack
  • Memu
  • NOX
  • Koplayer
  • Remix OS
  • Android Studio

But two of the following are frequently used emulators and they will help to play games without any interruption and they are fully trusted emulators readily available :

  • Bluestack
  • NOX player

Running Clash of Lords by using Bluestacks


Logo bluestacksWe can download clash of lords 2 on PC with Bluestacks and Andy but the most convenient is to use Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a mobile emulator that allows you to run your favorite games on PC or Laptops. Here are the following steps by which we can download bluestacks. After downloading bluestack on pc we can easily download any game. By doing following process we can download clash of lords 2.

  • Step one: First of all we have to Install bluestack and then run the installer.
  • Step two: complete the one time setup
  • Step three: Then go to the search bar and at the top right corner and search for clash of lords 2.
  • Step four: Click the icon then click install on Google Play screen.
  • Step five: Once the installation is complete then click on Clash of lords 2 icon in my app tab.
  • Step six: Then it will be downloaded and you can play without any inconveniences

Bluestacks website :

Running Clash of Lords using Nox App Player


Logo NoxNox App player is another app from which we can download games on our pc. By following some of the steps I am going to discuss you can have your games on your PC and can play without any inconvenience.

  • Step 1: First you have to open Nox app player
  • Step 2: Download the APK file of the game Clash of Lords 2 to your PC
  • Step three: Drag it into NOX app player window
  • Step four: Drop to install.

Nox Website :

Download Clash of lords 2 on Android

Logo AndroidOfficially clash of lords is available for android services but there are some requirements which android have to fulfill to run this game. It can easily be easily downloaded by the following steps:

  • Step one: Open your android play store.
  • Step two: Look for Clash of lords
  • Step three: Install it and play.

Yes, it is this easy to play game on android.

It does not mean that Clash of lords 2 is available for some specific androids, we just need to fulfill some basic requirements for running clash of lords on your android services. Following are the requirements:


    1. Android device should be of 4.0.3 version or higher to install the app.
    2. Requires Android 2.2 or higher.
    3. It needs 270mb to download.
    4. Device must have strong internet connection.
    5. Apps from unknown sources must be enabled from settings, to allow installing Clash of lords 2.

These requirements should have must contain in an android device to run the clash of lords 2.

Clash of Lords 2 for iOS

Logo iOSBasically Clash of lords is available for android devices but we can also download it on Iphone. It is easiy to download this game even on IOS. Following are the steps by which you can easily download clash of lords 2:

  • Step one: Open up your app store
  • Step two: Go to the search bar for clash of lords 2
  • Step three: After you see it, download it without wasting a second.
  • Step four: Now open and play freely.

Downloading clash of lords is easy on IOS but it some requirements. Don’t worry these requirements are basic.
Following are requirements to play it without any inconvenience:

    1. Requires IOS 5.1.1 or later
    2. Compatible with iphone, ipad and iPod touch.
    3. Also compatible with the following:
      • Iphone 4
      • iphone 4s
      • Ipad Third Gen
      • Ipad Fourth Gen
      • Ipad Fifth Gen
      • Ipad Mini
      • Iphone 5
      • Iphone 5s
      • Iphone 6s
      • iphone 6 plus
      • Iphone 7
      • Iphone 7 plus

Clash of Lords for other OS

Clash of lords 2 is readily available for Android devices. But it can also be downloaded on IOS windows PC and Mac by using emulators. Emulators must be effective and vast so it can be used properly on PC.
There are also different operating systems from which we can download the Clash of lords.

Following are the ways of downloading Clash of lords 2 for other IOS

Downloading on Chromecast

Logo ChromecastIn Old times most of the people prefer to play games on phone and PC. But nowadays it’s trending that people mostly like to play games on TV. Yes, TV like we play games on Xbox, PS4 etc. Now it’s not that hard to play it on TV either you just have to follow the steps discussed below to play games on on TV without any interruption.

      • Step one: Install Cromeplast in your device from playstore.
      • Step two: Connect your device through chromecast on TV.
      • Step three: Download the clash of lords 2 APK using the link as given below
      • Step four: After downloading, follow the instructions to get it on the device and enjoy the experience as well.

What is paid in it?
When we play games we are rewarded with some of coins, gold’s, gifts, chests etc. Same in this game we are paid with three different bounties

      • Jewels
      • Rings
      • Gold
      • Mugs

These sorts of jewels are provided to the player which they further spend them whenever accurate time arrives. Accurate usage of these jewels will lead you to become an experienced player.

Frequently asked question (FAQS)

After reading about this exciting game you might have a lot of questions in your mind or may it seems complex to you but for your help here is the quick look at questions which we get the most and answers which will clear your mind further

    1. What is clash of lords 2 (guild castle)?
      Clash of lords 2 is a strategic game with fun and innovative twists on a genre. Recruit over 50 heroes and their mercenaries, build and defense a base and fight alongside with your friends.
    2. Do we have to purchase this game or it is free?
      Of course it is free for sure you don’t have to pay for it it is easily available in the app store for android users simply go install it and enjoy it.
    3. Is this available in IOS?
      Yes it is available in IOS .As we have discussed earlier you need IOS version of 5.1.1 and space of 510 MB.
    4. Is there any paid content?
      Yes the app has got various product which can be purchased by money these products will helps you to enhance your performance and will l provide you with better experience.
    5. Why is not the game getting downloaded?
      Two things you have to keep in your mind before installing in the game:

      • Your device should have the space available
      • The version of the device on which you are installing it
    6. Can we use emulators other than Bluestack and Nox Player?
      Yes, why not? You can can use emulators Memu, Remix OS, Koplayer, and Android Studio. They also work as bluestack and Noxplayer. Depending on the type of PC you can use emulator.
    7. Will it harm our PC?
      No it would definitely not affect your pc if you had downloaded NOX player and bluestack properly on your pc and have done all of the steps mentioned above
    8. How can we become player in this game?
      You can watch videos on Youtube for help and need to plan a strategy on how to control characters and how to use jewels on time and with the passage of time you will become pro in your favorite game
    9. How we can collect the jewels in clash of lords?
      Jewels are the game’s premium currency they can be obtained by paying real money or completing tasks in game it is represented by a green diamond
    10. How can we obtain event coins?
      You can join special events, fight in lords league, and by jewels to obtain event coins
    11. Why need to login the Google account when I use invitation code
      It is a game system setting now, the invitation code will be verifies by google